McCall International Summer Conference

McCall UK and Asia, and McCall Norris Australia had a successful 2016 Summer Conference in London in August. Sitting with the McCall UK Directors and Country Manager Asia, allowed us to reflect on the year’s success both locally and from an international perspective. With the addition of McCall Australia, we are now a true global rec2rec with offices in the UK Midlands, London, Singapore and Sydney. The locations, the network, our ability to meet face to face annually and the exchange of ideas has led to our continued success including our Australian & Singapore business’s being the number one rec2rec’s when it comes to picking your professional help when moving from the UK to Australia or Asia, and the support associated with that. Our local and global clients truly benefit from our global presence where we can cover & have a network around the globe.

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McCall has been providing staffing solutions to the Recruitment industry for over 20 years and we recognise the challenges our clients face every day in the quest to develop effective and sustainable recruitment solutions for their clients and maximise profit for their business.

Julie Fouad heads the McCall Outsource Recruitment Solutions initiative within the UK markets. Her broad skill set and experience enables her to understand the challenges recruitment businesses face every day in the quest to develop effective and sustainable recruitment solutions for their clients and maximise profit for their business.

In short, delivering customised outsourcing to recruitment and staffing firms helping them gain competitive advantage within their business.

Covering core as well as ancillary activities, the solutions McCall ORS provides are game changers which ensure that our clients leverage significant and strategic benefits from outsourcing.

To know more about how outsourced solutions could help your business, see below to check on some of our successful case studies and testimonials from our clients.

Business is booming and the demand for staff is increasing daily. We are back to a market where for many businesses the candidate is king and great candidates are hard to find, hard to recruit and even harder to retain. 

Even so, clients are still focusing on driving down recruitment costs. Many more are engaging with RPO's and MSP's and recruiters are finding that previously valued relationships have been replaced by a series of cold transactions. Some choose to walk away, whilst others are determined to keep a toe in the water, anticipating the potential for a cyclical change in strategy that will bring the client back on to a relationship based way of working again.

How do you continue to supply but not invest your best recruiters time and skills for an often low return?  

Running and growing a recruitment business in these conditions is challenging. Traditional methods are complex, time consuming and costly. So it is hardly surprising more and more business owners are exploring and implementing outsourcing solutions. 

  1. Agility and Flexibility: Outsourcing enables businesses to be responsive and scale operations up or down fast, eliminating the associated business complications of expanding or reducing teams and associated infrastructure – locally and globally
  2. Increase Productivity: A recruiter’s efficiency is affected, often significantly, by the burden of non-core functions. By outsourcing these activities recruitment businesses can optimise the efficiency of their recruiters, increase core headcount and generate higher returns. This can also have a marked impact on team morale and improve retention
  3. Significant Savings: Processes that are outsourced provide cost savings of at least 50%. This is enabling businesses to redefine their operational model, stay competitive and maintain margins even in the toughest sector
  4. Competitive Advantage: The success of a recruitment business depends on how fast it can deliver qualified, available and retainable candidates. Outsourcing enables recruiters to spread their network across the globe and speed up hiring whatever the size of their organisation 24 hours 7 days per week

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Asia Pacific Recruitment - Soft Skills

Asia Pacific Recruitment - Soft Skills

At McCall’s we are often asked to advise Recruitment businesses on start ups in Asia, along with our experienced take on what makes a successful business in the region and what companies should be looking for when hiring the all important senior and junior members of staff. Although similar to all recruitment markets worldwide Asia does have some subtle differences which when adhered to can make the difference when building a sustainable and profitable business.

Soft recruitment skills are paramount from the beginning in Asia - way more so than other countries I have experienced and sometimes this is where many companies and recruiters get it wrong. One of the main things people have to understand in Asia is simply that the culture here, compared to your own Country, is different and so in most cases you will have to adapt your own model/way of doing things to suit the new culturally different marketplace. If you come straight into the Asia market assuming that your successful European, American or Australian recruitment model and style will work here too, or that your current clients will automatically use you in the region, in the majority of cases you could well be wrong.

Relationship building in any recruitment market is important - certainly in Asia it becomes second to none as companies place a huge amount of weight on this. For instance I have seen many Retained Search firms come and go in the last 5 years because they could not adapt to a market where you need to build the relationship firstly i.e. build trust before they would ever consider paying a retainer. I’ve heard so many times from clients who have been told ‘not to worry our 100% retained model will work because we do it differently from every other company and we work at the highest possible level in this specialized field’, and so forth. Retained business can be achieved in Asia of course and many companies have some excellent retainers in place with multiple clients - but this has been achieved only after trust, performance and a strong relationship has been built by doing a sound job repeatedly and over a prolonged period of time. This is why many worldwide retained focused firms, even the big 4/5 in Asia, do contingent recruitment as well in the area. Relationships in Asia need nurturing and HR departments are very strong in most major companies making it very difficult, often in many cases fatal, to try and circumvent the process. However, once relationships are built and nurtured, many companies do open up to line contact - make no mistake HR have a greater power in Asia.

Therefore networking in Asia is also in my view more essential than other recruitment markets. Companies want to see you at numerous events, demonstrating that you are improving your market knowledge and network connections whilst they also want to be taken out and courted. Most clients expect this in Asia (some on a regular basis!) And the ones that do this continually reap the benefits 10 fold as loyalty and friendship can be built quickly. Many good companies in Asia forget this - or are not allowed to loosen the purse strings by stingy bottom line senior managers/owners -but by not doing this you really are shooting yourself in the foot and losing ground rapidly to your competition. It really can be the difference in getting that slot on a new PSA/PSL, or getting that exclusive role you are after, when competing with similar brands as your own.

Brand awareness is also becoming a major factor within the Asian market with the growth of Linkedin, Facebook, Google + and Twitter to name the majors. Companies want to partner with professional firms and generally they will do there homework on any new organization before engaging or being engaged. Being able to show a professional approach on your website/Social Media avenues to business does help significantly in the new digital age and never more so than in Asia which is fast becoming the worlds market leader in technology.

Good Communication is also essential in today’s Asian recruitment market due to the diversity of the people who live there and the cultural differences. In some cultures in Asia they do not want to say NO to you as it’s seen as bad manners so if you do not understand the culture and people you are dealing with you may go away from a meeting thinking you have got something you haven’t. In a multi cultural environment good communication is paramount and it is definitely worth taking the extra time to make sure both parties understand the points correctly. This is especially important when negotiating in business across Asia where a single handshake in some areas can be seen as binding.

Becoming successful in Asia as a recruiter or recruitment business is tough due to the strong competition from local and international businesses - being able to get ahead of the game can come down as always to doing that little bit extra. Soft skills will definitely help but understanding the market, hiring the right kind of people with the right experience has never been more important than it is right now in Asia.

It is the case that the above factors will all have an effect on business in Asia – it will be the difference needed to either help you get ahead of your competition in Asia, or successfully off the ground! For further information please contact or +6593582668 

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