Four Blogs from 2017 - That Are Worth Another Read

Four Blogs from 2017 - That Are Worth Another Read - and Maybe a Further Comment!

2017 seems an awfully long time ago now. Christmas may be a distant memory, but I thought that I would use my first blog of 2018 to look back on a few of the key blogs from last year that might deserve a little more love! Sometimes I think that we have a tendency of leaving things in the past too readily, but as with most content, the opinions here are evergreen…

I am sure that you have had a busy start to 2018 – we certainly have (judging by the fact that this blog is coming out at the very end of January - later than planned!)

I appreciate your time in giving some thought to these four posts.

In the spring, we shared some thoughts about why big billers leave their employers. It is our job as recruiters to consult with our clients and retaining talent is actually more important than recruiting it in the first place (and probably far harder). Do they want a better package, work for a different brand, move into management or maybe even set up on their own? The insights that we get from our candidates are priceless and we do our best to share the knowledge across a wider audience.

In the summer, we celebrated 25 years as a Rec2Rec agency, and with over 250 years of experience, I hope that we continue to provide the very best possible service to our client and our candidates. Being entrusted with someone else’s dreams is no small undertaking, and knowing that their recruiters will go on to impact the lives of countless candidates just adds to the pleasure that we get at work.

After the summer break, we came back to work in an introspective mood. It is always healthy to question to role of technology in our lives and workplaces and as social media had been a hot topic all year, we wondered just how important it was in the marketing kit of a recruiter. From my point of view, marketing and recruiting are becoming inextricably linked plus with the advances in AI technology, soon content will be discovered by potential readers - rather than pushed into the void.

As the long winter nights started to close in, our thoughts turned to our colleagues in warmer climes. I wrote a blog about the opportunities that an international career might provide for someone at the right point in their life. Granted, the Australian visa situation did not help matters in one of the most popular destinations, but thankfully that situation is now a lot better and rosier than it might have been when recruitment consultants were going to be denied entry! Also many recruiters have been setting their sights into Europe, America, Middle East – and more exotic destinations. Cayman Islands anyone?

So now as we move into the busiest start for a year, I am asking myself what sort of topics we should cover this year. What are our areas of priority in recruitment? Is it Training and Development? Perhaps new Technology? As the months pass, Brexit may well dominate the headlines and there may be some recruiting sectors which may suffer... However, as with everything, good recruiters will rise to the top and McCall will do our best, as we have during our 25 years, to facilitate those moves in every which way that we can for our candidates and clients.

I do hope that you have had a fantastic January (despite the cold weather and the various lurgies doing the rounds) and I wish you a successful February and beyond!

Written by Julie O'Neill

Posted in General on 13th February 2018

One Year On...

F5 nwn bu nety4hvp xue kmn1r tExactly a year ago today, I accepted my offer here in the Cayman Islands, having completed an interview process with McCall, and began the process of relocating to the other side of the world. A year on, it feels like a distant memory and at the time, I just really didn’t know what to expect. If I’m honest, I don’t think you’re ever 100% certain things are going to work out or even if you’re making the right decision, but it’s been a fantastic move for my wife and I - I’d recommend it to anyone!

I started with a firm called SteppingStones in the Cayman Islands, and they just couldn’t have been better. I wasn’t unhappy in my previous role but was ready for a change and they have been really helpful. Moving in recruitment is a daunting experience but when you work with the right rec to rec agency and pick the right firm and have the right support, it’s much easier than you might think!

It takes a while to build a desk of course but I’m really starting to do well and enjoying every minute. The recruitment market here is very different to what I’m used to and it’s been both fun and a challenge adapting. We work on such a variety of roles as well so it’s been interesting learning new markets and skills. You never want to pigeon-hole yourself and this change has really helped ensure I keep my CV diverse as well as continuing my learning and developing. If I’m honest, I was probably suffering from a bit of ‘burn-out’ in my last role and this move has really helped that and I’ve a spring in my step again. I’ve even been on the radio on 3 separate occasions advertising new roles which was a great experience – even though I did need to heavily tone down my Scottish accent!

Outside work, living in Grand Cayman has been amazing. The lifestyle is incredible and it’s been so easy to settle in and adapt. The weather is great year round and I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have constant sunshine and nice weather. As it’s a small location, it’s also very easy to meet people and the networking opportunities are immense, so I’ve made some great friends and business contacts since my arrival.

One of the things I really enjoy is the diversity, you meet people from all over the world, so it’s very multi-cultural; there’s something nice about a social group made up of people from all over the globe.

Being away from family can be tricky and you will miss things from home but the good honestly far out weighs the bad. We’ve already had family out visiting - and they are already planning their next trip. All in all, it really couldn’t have been better and my only regret is not doing it sooner!

If you are a recruitment professional, wanting to re-locate internationally please contact the following at McCall:

Peter Mills – McCall – Singapore and Asia


☏ T +65 62366370 M +65 93582668

Lisa Norris – McCall Norris - Australia


☏ +61 411 182 024

Julie O’Neill – other International locations in particular Dubai.


☏ T +44 7713 643761 M +44 1992 643884

Written by Alistair Mills 

Posted in General on 28th November 2017

​★★Recruitment Opportunities in US and Canada★★

U s &  canada

Julie O'Neill is currently working on several roles in the US for an established brand in growth mode; her client is looking to attract well-trained, successful staff that have been trained and tutored in the UK and have a good track record within Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing or Technical, who now want to move to America – several locations available! The roles are from consultant and billing levels (for those with a longevous career history) through to director level roles at c$120-$150k US. These are attractive opportunities for those who want to experience life internationally - but are also prepared to work hard and maximise the business opportunities because it’s an intense market in the US, and you will need to be able to handle that.

If interested and want to learn more about these opportunities, please contact Julie O'Neill on ✆ 07713 643761 or ✉

Posted in General on 23rd November 2017

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